Welcome Back!! Get Ready For New Updates

I’m back after long time interval with something new and trendy. This article is more about me, explaining what I’m doing now, what I’m going to share with you and many more cool things about me and this blog.

About Me: 

I’m Gopal Tathe, Software Engineer by profession, from India basically but Now I’m in Milan, Italy, for my Master of Data Science. I love programming, gadgets, technology that’s why I do blogging about technical and technological stuff.

About this blog:

I started this blog around 8 years ago, It was quite successful at that time, to be more specific I started blogging when in India hardly you will find someone talking about blogging. Now it’s too common to have a blog. Even I had very good earning from many sources but a few years ago this blog got hacked, then I decided to stop blogging for a while.

Now I’m doing my masters in data science. I discovered that very few good sources are available for this topic, so decided to share my knowledge about data science to all my readers.

So you can expect codes are written in  Python, Java, Scala, Matlab for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on this blog. I’ll try to cover from scratch to expert level to make you understand ML/AI quickly.

Apart from that, I’ll also cover old topics, that I use to cover on this blog like blogging, servers, software tutorials and much more techno stuff. Stay Tuned for more updates 🙂

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